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This project is a resource for forest volunteers to become familiar with the identifying characteristics of the invasive plants they are helping to remove.

Most of the invasive plants were brought to this country as ornamental plants. These plants use the environment in a way that pushes out the native plants either by blocking the resources like shade or attaching to them like vines and killing them. The plant below is the lesser celandine and its ground cover is shown as an example of its invasive nature. Click on the photo for a pop up of the photo and then click the close button.

Click on the page links above for each type of plant. Then click on any photos of the plants for enlargements of the parts of the plant. The photo can be clicked again on an area of interest for further detail. Click the back arrow to return to the page. A description of the plant follows each plant photo. To return to the main page click the Invasive Plants Menu link or Home.